Blog Dirk Rehm am 9. Juli 2015

The Singles Collection


KINDERLAND, Mawil’s 2014 breakthrough masterpiece, was the ground-breaking album for German comics in this decade. Now this Berlin based artist’s GREATEST HITS COLLECTION is out (in almost no time)! Newly mastered from the original TAGESSPIEGEL master tapes, these all-time classics have never sounded better and this new release features a lot of previously unreleased bonus tracks!


Blending soothing pop with heartfelt lyrics, THE SINGLES COLLECTION will strike a universal chord, touching thousands of hearts.


Check out the cool extras: drawings on jackets and interior and all lyrics included (both handwritten and typeset).


Produced by pop luminary Lars von Törne, THE SINGLES COLLECTION is all wrapped up and ready to go! Only five more weeks and this sure-fire hit will fly off the shelves everywhere in this country – and Austria and Luxembourg and Switzerland! (Do they still hand out gold records for bestselling albums?)